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How it works

Easy, tailored and comprehensive – these are the principles we stick to. Your Car Choice can secure finance for your fleet, but we manage the whole thing too ...

Finance Lease (FL)

This has a lot in common with a Business Contract Hire, but provides some tax perks – and more flexibility – to corporate fleets. Sole traders and limited companies are both eligible for FL. You can either pay the whole price of the vehicle (as well as interest) over time; or pay less until the deadline hits, when the entire cost has to be met at resale value. Either way, we’ll help you ascertain the best road forward.

What does an FL give you?

  • Improved cashflow
  • The ability to claim tax back on rentals
  • Certainty over affordability
  • A fixed interest rate on repayments


  • 50% reclaimable VAT for monthly payments with a private mileage limit
  • Full reclamation of VAT for total commercial use
  • The option to increase the number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Road Fund Licence for the duration of the contract

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