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For companies that are fully committed

If you’ve hit a brick wall with your lender, don’t worry. We’ll help you look elsewhere for a lending partner to lease the vehicles you need.

Reached your capacity with one lender? Let us show you others …

Perhaps you’ve leased several vehicles over the years and your traditional source of finance has run dry. Your Car Choice is here to help. We can solve any scenario in which you’re fully committed to a lender with whom you’ve reached capacity.

a business fleet of BMW lease carsWe show your business new routes on the map.

It can be tough to grow a fleet, especially when you need more vehicles than your company’s worth would normally allow. Some lenders may question whether you’re able to make the lease payments. Or perhaps the lender you’re currently using has a set finance limit.

Your Car Choice takes you out of this predicament. By reaching out on your behalf to different mainstream lenders – none of whom are sub-prime – we ensure you get the extra vehicles you need. We’re experts in the vehicle finance and leasing sector, and our large panel of funders ensures you have lots of channels to choose from.

It may be a case of looking at many aspects of your company’s credit history. Or simply juggling your fleet to create more room for manoeuvre. Whatever the case, we’ll take the time to understand your finances before getting them in front of lending partners.

Exhausted vehicle credit line with your current vehicle lender? Let Your Car Choice show you the options.

Being fully committed or having exhausted your current vehicle credit line is a problem you can do without. Your Car Choice opens up options for your business, whether you want to explore vehicle leasing or purchase contracts.

If you’re uncertain how financing can be secured, take a look at our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions …

Alternatively, why not read some of our case studies for companies who have exhausted their vehicle credit line.

Most of our funders class a “New Start” company by one that has been trading for less than 12 calendar months, and is a registered limited company.

A low or negative net worth will relate to a weaker financial strength and a lower credit rating, thus directly affecting the individual’s or the company’s ability to raise funds from the market.

We manage fleets of all different shapes and sizes. From small fleets of vans for a tradesperson, to a large fleet of 50 cars and vans for large multinational companies. Once we’ve completed our FREE fleet consultation we can then look at how we can maximise the potential of your existing fleet.

You will know if you’re “fully committed” to another finance company as an extra request for vehicles has been denied. We have the widest variety of funders so can offer people who are fully-committed another route to finance.

“Sub-Prime” refers to a particular type of lending. Someone who may be referred to as a “sub-prime borrower” is a person with either one or all of the following permutations; a poor credit score, CCJ’s (County Court Judgements) or someone who has missed payments on other financial agreements such as credit cards, store card or a mortgage etc. Sub-prime borrowers are more of a risk to finance houses, and the cost of borrowing is usually a lot higher for someone classed as “sub-prime”.

Also known as: “Back to Invoice GAP”, “VRI GAP” or “BTI GAP”.

In the event of an insurance write-off, the motor insurance company is only obliged to pay the ‘fair market value’ for the vehicle. RTI GAP Insurance pays the financial shortfall between the insured value and the greater of either the original purchase price of the vehicle or the outstanding settlement value on your finance agreement (subject to conditions).

Return to Invoice GAP is suitable for the following contract types:

Business Contract Purchase
Personal Contract Purchase (PCP)
Lease Purchase

Also known as: ‘Finance GAP’.

In the event of an insurance write-off, the motor insurance company is only obliged to pay the ‘fair market value’ for the vehicle. This may or may not be sufficient to cover the amount required to settle off the Contract Hire Agreement. Contract Hire GAP Insurance covers this potential shortfall (subject to conditions).

Contract Hire GAP is suitable for the following contract types:

Business Contract Hire (BCH)
Personal Contract Hire (PCH)
Finance Lease (FL)

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