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Van leasing vs buying used

Van leasing vs buying used – making better business decisions Having a business fleet certainly doesn’t come cheap. So, when determining how to purchase one, there’ll be a number of factors to take into account. One such consideration to make is whether leasing vans or buying them used would be the better option for your […]

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How to build a fleet on credit as a startup

Young businesses come across many obstacles in their initial stages. One such barrier for startups is just how to finance a vehicle – something that may be essential to how you earn. But it’s not always a simple road to track… Whether you’re a first-time business owner or have made an old venture new again, […]

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5 reasons why your business can’t lease vehicles

Rather than paying for a vehicle upfront, leasing can seem like a simple solution to ensure your business doesn’t go into negative cash flow. But, sometimes, you may find that leasing them isn’t all that easy. Here’s five reasons why your business can’t lease vehicles or could struggle sourcing finance to lease vehicles. 1. Recent […]

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4 vehicle leasing myths – busted

There shouldn’t be as much mystery around vehicle leasing as there is. But we can’t deny the doubt, fumbling and misinterpretation that sits within a company’s investment plans. Finance, for some, is a scary prospect. When people are mistreated, they may come back to you with tales of woe, even if they’ve only experienced a […]

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Is your director’s credit getting in the way of vehicle leasing?

Commercial fleet finance is rarely straightforward. At Your Car Choice, we’ve heard countless cases in which a directors credit history has scuppered their business’ chances at leasing vehicles. We believe that director credit (which is, when we get down to it, a personal credit score) should be a separate entity from that of your organisation. […]

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