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A Company with a Low Net worth

Having a company with a low net worth can put a roadblock in the way of getting a company vehicle lease.

See below how Your Car Choice helped secure this Low Net Worth Company Vehicle Lease.


The customer; A medium-sized construction company


The problem; They are looking to add new vans to their fleet in order to keep up with the demand for their services. However, the customer has been identified as having a “low net-worth”. Ordinarily they wouldn’t be able to access vehicle finance/credit through their local dealership.


The solution; Firstly Your Car Choice will talk with the customer to get a better understanding of the companies finances. From here we can approach the most appropriate funder from our broad range of finance houses. We’ll look at the feasibility of increasing the initial payment/rental. This will decrease the risk on behalf of the finance house. In this case the finance house wanted further information on the accounts of the company. We requested the customer provide 3 months worth of bank statements. These were showing a positive trend, so the finance house were happy to proceed with the vehicles with a slightly increased rental. Once the credit lines were in place we used our superior fleet discount to purchase the necessary vehicles at the right price.

In some cases the finance house may request a directors guarantee (dg). This is a guarantee that the vehicle will be paid for if the company defaults on their payments.


Ongoing relationship; From the initial enquiry , all the way through to delivery and aftercare Your Car Choice keeps the customer informed. We provide the customer with a dedicated account manager who’s the customers point of contact for any queries going forward. Your Car Choice will also send helpful reminders about key points within their contract, such as renewal dates etc.

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