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With 15 Years of Experience, there isn’t that much we haven’t had to deal with when it comes to getting people the right vehicle solution. Read our case studies and find out how we’ve helped people and companies just like yours to overcome their vehicle roadblocks.

We’ve helped hundreds of customers, in all sorts of different situations.

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Our case studies are based on real customers that we’ve managed to help over the years. Often it can feel like your the only business having issues, but you’re not alone and YourCarChoice are here to help.

A company with a low net-worth

Having a company with a low net-worth can put a roadblock in the way of getting company vehicles. YourCarChoice however has the experience and know how.   The customer; A medium-sized construction company   The problem; They are looking to add a couple of new vans to their existing fleet in order to keep up with the […]

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A company who are already fully committed to another lender

For any business looking to grow and expand it’s important to have the financial capability to do so. With YourCarChoice’s wide range of top UK finance houses we’ll be able to source the funds you need to grow your companies fleet.   The customer; An Information Systems Provider with an existing fleet of 3 company cars […]

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New start company

For any new start company obtaining finance can have its speed bumps. However, with YourCarChoice’s expertise we’ll be able to get your fledgling business on the road to success.   The customer; An Electrician with a 6 Month Old Limited Company   The problem; The customer needs a reliable new van to ensure they can get to […]

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