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Your Car Choice have spent years in the vehicle finance and leasing sector. We know exactly how to maintain your cars and vans, so let us handle it for you ...

Explore our specialised Business Fleet Maintenance contracts

For a fixed cost, we can add Business Fleet maintenance services to your contract, ensuring your vehicles are fit for the road.

The cost is determined by the fleet you have – both models and manufacturers are factored into this. The length of your leasing agreement will play a part too. Finally, we consider mileage allowance to work out the stresses placed on your cars and vans.

Your Car Choice is only a quick conversation away from fixing your troubles, once and for all. Give us a call on 01653 693834, or reach us via email or our website message service.

What we include:

  • Free service bookings and management
  • Any mechanical or electrical repairs, such as batteries, engines and spark plugs
  • Regular MOTs
  • Unlimited, premium brand tyre replacements
  • Puncture repairs
  • Roadside emergency assistance

Why we’re great value for money:

  • Our one-call system ensures you speak to the right person
  • VAT is 100% recoverable
  • We lock you into a price, so rising maintenance costs are negated
  • Fees are fixed from the beginning, allowing you to budget effectively
  • Downtime to your fleet is managed to a minimum
  • Urgent repairs are given priority

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