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How it works

Easy, tailored and comprehensive – these are the principles we stick to. Your Car Choice can secure finance for your fleet, but we manage the whole thing too ...

Business Contract Purchase (BCP)

BCP or Business Contract Purchase is a very similar package to Contract Hire, except you’re working towards owning the vehicle at the end of the agreed period. Your Car Choice can find a lender who will help you make small, incremental moves to fleet ownership. Additionally, we’ll throw in certain fleet services for no extra cost, unlike many of our competitors.

What does a BCP give you?

  • Improved cashflow
  • No depreciation risks
  • Certainty over affordability
  • A fixed interest rate on repayments
  • Interest and service costs that count against your taxable profit
  • The ability to deduct 18% (or 8% for CO2 above 130g/km) of the value from your profits before tax
  • For a small monthly fee, you can explore full maintenance services
  • Inland Revenue treats it as a purchase
  • The option to increase the number of vehicles in your fleet
  • Road Fund Licence for the duration of the contract

Things to Remember

  • You’ll have to decide whether to keep, sell or return the vehicle when the timeframe expires
  • If you decide to keep the vehicle, you will have to make a ‘balloon’ payment
  • You must have vehicle insurance

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