Frequently asked quesions about contract hire/personal leasing

Q. What type of car can I finance?
A. Subject to affordability and the appropriate deposit being paid, you can choose whichever car you wish.

Q. Can I finance a van through
A. Yes.

Q. How much deposit is payable?
A. From 3 months rental in advance although more expensive cars or cars with a lot of extras will require a higher deposit.

Q. Are there any other additional charges?
A. There is a documentation fee and a deposit is required when the vehicle is ordered. If you cancel the contract prematurely or the contract is cancelled there may be a cancellation charge. You may also find yourself liable to a charge if you have signed Guarantees and the contract is cancelled early.

Q. I have no credit history as I have not been in the UK long. Am I able to contract hire or finance a car?
A. Yes, this is not usually a problem, we will need proof of residency and proof of income.

Q. I have started a new Limited company and have no credit history, would I be able to contract hire, contract purchase, HP or lease purchase a car?
A. Yes, in most cases you would be able to finance the car of your choice. However, you will be required to give a guarantee.

Q. I have recently started my own Sole Trader / Partnership business. I have little or no credit history, will I be able to finance a car for the business?
A. Yes, in most cases you would be able to finance the car of your choice, however, you will be required to give a guarantee.

Q. Can I buy the vehicle at the end of the contract?
A. Yes. There are no restrictions for personal contract hire, but business users are unable to purchase the vehicle although an employee can that isn’t a Director or spouse.

Q. Can I terminate the contract early if I want to?
A. Yes. You may terminate the contract at any time before the due date but this may incur penalties. We would endeavour to keep any costs to a minimum.

Q. Where do I take the vehicle for servicing?
A. To a nominated garage local to you. Vehicles must be serviced by a dealer for the specific make of car on contract hire or personal lease.

Q. Can I change the contract terms and mileage mid-term?
A. This is possible under certain types of contract. Advice will be given at the time of request.

Q. What happens if I exceed my contract mileage?
A. In some cases you are able to change the contract mileage mid term. If at the end of the lease you do have excess miles on the car, a charge will be made.

Q. Who is responsible for insuring the vehicle?
A. The vehicle must be insured by the user on a fully comprehensive basis.

Q. Can the car be supplied by my local dealer?
A. Yes and we would negotiate the necessary discounts with them.

Q. What happens if the vehicle breaks down?
A. If the vehicle is covered by a non maintenance contract, breakdowns are normally covered under the manufacturers warranty, but on a maintenance contract the vehicle may be supplied with full roadside assistance. A drivers pack is provided with every vehicle which explains fully how to treat every type of vehicle breakdown

Q. What warranty is there on a used vehicle?
A. Every used car supplied by comes with the balance of the manufacturer's warranty, if this has expired due to the age of the vehicle.

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