Contract Purchase

By taking out a contract purchase agreement for car leasing requirements the established company or new business user will be able to budget for their monthly and annual motor vehicle finance costs. Whether the business user is an established business with credit problems such as poor credit, poor credit history or credit rating or a new start company with little or no credit history problems then our business car finance team at will be able provide motor vehicle finance solutions to help.

Contract Purchase is a form of car finance - or car leasing - which is tailored specifically to the business user, including the new start business or established company which has poor credit issues. The monthly costs of contract purchase car finance are calculated by using the cost of the vehicle, the duration of the contract required, the projected annual mileage and the value of the car at the end of the contract purchase agreement. This value is often known as the Guaranteed Future Value, or the Balloon Payment. Therefore the end user in a contract purchase agreement will know each month the exact cost of their company's motor vehicle finance, and as the contract purchase agreement can also include the maintenance element, this will ensure even keener budgeting for the business user, enabling them to keep track of their motor vehicle finance costs on a monthly basis, and to project with accuracy their annual car finance costings. At the end of the contract purchase the contract holder has the option to purchase the vehicle for the balloon payment, to start again with a new contract purchase agreement by handing the car back (we arrange the collection for you) or to simply hand the car back to the funder and "walk away".

Contract Purchase agreements are just one of the methods of car finance options open to the business user, including those who currently have a poor credit history, regardless of whether they are an already established company or a relatively new start business. Contract Purchase agreements are ideal for the established company or new start business user who is VAT registered, as certain parts of the contract purchase contract have VAT-reclaimable elements. Even if the end user has current or previous credit problems which have been making sourcing vehicle finance for car leasing difficult or currently has a poor credit rating, or no credit history then car finance is still available using contract purchase.

If you have poor credit or little or no credit history then this should not exclude you from finding the right vehicle or vehicles on the right contract for your business use. At the members of our business finance team are experts in finding motor vehicle finance for car leasing even if the company has a weak credit historyy and we will be happy to discuss your car finance or car leasing requirements in a professional and understanding way.

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